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About the childrens' colouring books

Site content is currently limited to the browsable visual and text content of a series of children's colouring books by the artist Imants T. Bite.  They were published over a timespan of some 25 years, starting from 1966, with the more popular titles being reprinted several times. Reprints in Latvia (1991) were instant sell-outs, reflecting the thirst for non-Soviet educational and nationally orientated material just prior to and during the collapse of the USSR.

To navigate the Childrens' Colouring Books page, scroll up and down the page to identifiy a book cover of interest. Clicking on a cover drawing will open a frameset with the alphabetically sorted (in Latvian!) contents on the left.  Click on indexed items to display images on the right.  Return to the Childrens' Colouring Books page by clicking on the hyperlink in the horizontal header frame at the top of the display. The table below gives a brief description of the contents of each book.

Book title A brief description of the contents
The Waterways of Latvia 30 scenes depicting the rivers, lakes, seaboards and water-related activities of Latvia, including 15 fish and 2 reptile drawings.
The Animals of Latvia 30 drawings of animals in their natural habitat, as typically seen and found in Latvia
The Birds of Latvia 63 drawings of birds in their natural habitat, as typically seen and found in Latvia
The Fungi and Berries of Latvia Illustrations of 12 fungi and 8 berry species commonly collected and used by latvians
The Trees of Latvia 24 scenes depicting common trees found in Latvia
Latvian Homesteading A 49-page illustrative survey of agricultural work and the tools used by latvians from early settlement times up until 1945.  This book contains valuable pictorial material of agricultural tools and homestead objects often referred to in the Latvian Dainas, and includes rare visual information on horse-powered activities.
The Fire and Light of Latvia Dedicated to the 50th. anniversary of the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia on 18th November, 1968.
28 scenes depicting manifestations of fire and light in historical settings.  The book requires additional input from teachers and parents to explain the historical background, content and meaning of the illustrations.


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Latvian fonts

Due to the diversity of font coding systems in use today, it is impossible to universally present the Latvian language correctly on all possible operating system and browser combinations. If you are an Apple or UNIX user, you may not be able to view latvian text correctly.
The site is optimised for PCs running Windows9X/NT, and each page is hard-coded to use Windows codepage 1257. The default font for correct viewing of latvian text is Verdana (which contains the extended Baltic font sub-set) - this is commonly available, but should already be installed on most (Windows) systems.

If you cannot see latvian text correctly, first check whether your browser has the required encoding selected :

  • Explorer 4+ : click (top menu) View | Encoding and then either click Auto-Select, or pick Baltic (Windows).
  • Navigator 4+ : click (top menu) View | Character Set and then Baltic (Windows - 1257).
If this does not produce correct latvian text, you do not have the Verdana font installed on your system.

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Copyright information - conditions of use

The International Copyright to all of the visual and textual materials appearing in this website belongs to their author, artist Imants T. Bite. Use of any of these materials, either fully, or partially, for any commercial activity, including advertising, without the written agreement of the author, is expressly forbidden.
Non-licensed copying and distribution of these materials is permitted only for educational use within the confines of the family, kindergartens, schools and non-profit educational establishments.

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